Rear differential oil change

Because of its dimensions, some maintenance jobs are so much easier on a Sprinter. A great example of this is changing the rear differential oil. You just need a wrench with a 14 mm hex socket and 30 minutes time to fill fresh gear oil into the differential – which you should do every 120,000 miles according to the Mercedes service interval.

Replacing the coolant level sensor

A functioning coolant sensor is your best protection from an overheated engine. The design of the warning system unfortunately is not fail safe so you should check the coolant sensor from time to time. Any person can do this test or replacing a worn out sensor in a few minutes.

Restoring the Headlights on the Sprinter

I was surprised how quickly you can turn your headlights from yellow and hazy to almost new looking with a headlight restoration kit. If you can handle a drill, this is a quick (45 minutes) and easy job (a simple 1 on the one to ten scale).

Fiamma F45S Awning for the Sprinter Camper

An awning on your van is great in summer to give you some shade but also very nice to have when it’s raining and you’re not stuck inside of your van. I’ve installed a Fiamma F45S on my 2006 Sprinter van and this post is about the details. If you’re used to drill holes in your van this is a very easy job – but some heavy lifting required so find a friend or two that can help. The only downside of this is the cost: Fiamma awnings are not cheap.