Restoring the Headlights on the Sprinter

Does your Sprinter also have hazy, yellowish headlights? Mine did and I finally tried  to restore them with one of the products you can find in any automotive store.

yellow faded sprinter headlight
This is how the headlight looked like before I started sanding

I bought a kit from 3M [@eBay] that included everything you need to restore the headlights: a drill mounting plate for sanding disks, polishing compound and a protectant for the final result.

The process is easy and straightforward. You start with protecting the sheet metal by covering the area next to the headlights with two layers of tape (or simply remove the whole headlight assembly). The next step includes using the drill and the sanding disks to start removing the yellow top layer of your headlight lens. The kit includes six sanding disks for the first round (three for each headlight) which basically removes a fine layer of plastic from the headlight lens and the result is a white hazy lens. The second pass you’re going with  four finer sanding disks. With the third pass of sanding you start using water and an even finer sanding pad.

The last step is polishing out the lens with a foam polishing pad and a special compound and a quick wipe with protectant fluid that keeps the lens from turning yellow again.

The result of about 45 minutes of sanding and polishing are two headlights that look like new.

restored sprinter headlight lens
This is how the headlight lens looks like after sanding and polishing

Tools needed:

  • electric drill
  • spray bottle with water
  • microfiber cloth

Parts needed:

  • Headlights restoration kit. I’m happy with the results of the 3M kit – on eBay or Amazon.

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