August 2015

Replacing the A/C Drier in a T1N Sprinter

The Drier performs the same filtering function to your A/C system as the oil filter for your engine. Every time you exchange a major part of your A/C system you should do this easy job to make sure your A/C performs perfectly. In a T1N Sprinter the A/C drier is easily accessible and you should be able to replace the old unit with a new one in less than an hour. On the repair difficulty scale this is a three (1, easy to 10, hard).

A/C Expansion Valve replacement

This document describes how to replace the A/C Expansion Valve in a T1N Sprinter Van. The valve is located in the engine compartment under the windshield on the drivers side (for LHD Vans). The wiper mechanism is a bit in the way but with a wrench extension and an Allen bit this job is done in 30 minutes. On the difficulty scale (1 easy – 10 hard) I would rate this job as a 2.

Reclining passenger seats in a Sprinter

If you travel with your family or just some friends you’ll need more seats in your Van. In this post I’ll describe how I’ve installed two recliner seats for passengers. The seats have integrated seat belts so your passengers will not only travel comfortably but also safe. This is one of the jobs that require a bit more skills and I would rate this as a 6 on the 1 (easy) to 10 (hard) scale.

Sprinter: How to install a roof fan

This post is about installing a roof fan to bring in some fresh air into your Sprinter Van. Warning: This requires cutting a hole in the roof. If you already installed windows this job is fairly easy (probably a four on a 1 to 10 scale).