Replacing the A/C Drier in a T1N Sprinter

The drier has a crucial job in your A/C – it’s filtering out any particles or moisture in the refrigerant that might damage the expansion valve or other parts in the A/C system. Changing the drier is a must if your compressor fails and it’s a good idea to replace this cheap unit every few years.

Before you open any A/C lines please go to a professional shop that can evacuate the A/C system – it’s illegal to dump 134a into the air.

A/C drier in a Sprinter T1N
A/C drier in a Sprinter T1N

The drier is located in the engine compartment. Look left of your battery – it’s a silver tube with two refrigerant lines attached to it. Before removing the 134a lines you’ll need to clean the lines and the top of the drier. The last thing you want is any dirt entering your A/C system. After that remove the two allen bolts that hold the refrigerant lines and move the lines out of the way.

A/C drier details
A/C drier details

The drier it self is attached to the mounting bracket with a simple clamp. Loosen this clamp and you can slide the drier up and out of the mounting bracket. Slide the new drier in and fasten the clamp.

Don’t forget to replace the O-ring seals on the liquid lines before attaching them back to the drier. It’s also a good idea to lubricate the O-rings with refrigerant oil to get a good seal.

Parts needed:

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Key

Torque values:

  • Allen bolts holding the liquid lines: 7 Nm (62 in. lbs.)

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