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  • Installing sliding windows in the rear doors


My road tripping rules

We’re trying to fine tune our road tripping rules for a couple of years now and I think using these rules make us happy campers when discovering the country. I hope they help you as well on your next trip. Let me know what rules you have!

Fixing the Sprinter ABS Pump

After driving 7,000 miles without ABS I finally figured out what was wrong with the ABS unit in my Sprinter van. The fix was surprisingly cheap and compared to a new pump which is about $2000 my repair costs were only $20. Win!

Crystal Springs Camping, Lake Quachita, AR

Located on Lake Quachita near Hot Springs, AR is Crystal Springs Campground. Most Campsites have electricity and water and one of the best features of this campground is the beach for swimming in the lake. Great little spot to relax before visiting Hot Springs National Park.

Off the grid shower: Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

As much as I like being outdoors there are a few amenities I don’t want to miss out there. One of those things is a shower. Based on some good reviews I recently purchased a portable pressure shower from Nemo. It’s a bit pricey but it works really great: Just fill the bag with water, pump a couple of times and you’ll have a shower to clean yourself, a bike or dishes.