Replacing the Intake air temperature sensor

A failing intake air sensor is quite common and will most likely put your van in limp home mode. Since it’s a cheap and small item I would highly suggest to carry a new one in your spare parts box all the time. This way you’re not stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for the replacement part.

intake air temperature sensor
Location of the intake air temp sensor in a T1N sprinter

Changing the sensor is a matter of minutes: You can find the sensor on the right hand side of your engine bay (looking from the front). Go down the big rubber intake air hose and you’ll see two connectors in the plastic middle section. The Intake Air temperature sensor is the lower one (see the red arrow in the picture). Unplug the connector and then pull out the sensor. The sensor itself is held in place by two clips.

Plug in the new sensor, attach the connector again and you’re done.

Tools needed:

  • none. Your hands is all you need.

Parts needed:

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  • 1/10
    Technical Difficulty - 1/10
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    Time needed - 1/10
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    Cost - 1/10

2 thoughts on “Replacing the Intake air temperature sensor

  1. Thank you for taking the time to describe the repair of this sensor.

  2. Does anybody make stainless steel screen to be installed between the air sensor and intake manifold? My air sensor broke off and dissapeared inside the intake manifold.

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