Sound proof your wheel arches and reduce road noise!

This is a quick fix that will reduce the road noise level inside your Sprinter dramatically. Take the sound deadening material of your choice and cover the rear wheel arches from the inside with the stuff. You won’t be disapointed. Difficulty level is a 1 – if you can handle a pair of scissors.

Fiamma F45S Awning for the Sprinter Camper

An awning on your van is great in summer to give you some shade but also very nice to have when it’s raining and you’re not stuck inside of your van. I’ve installed a Fiamma F45S on my 2006 Sprinter van and this post is about the details. If you’re used to drill holes in your van this is a very easy job – but some heavy lifting required so find a friend or two that can help. The only downside of this is the cost: Fiamma awnings are not cheap.

Waterproof solar wire routing – Part two

I was not very happy with my first attempt to route the wires from the solar panels to the inside of the van but I found a very good and also very cheap alternative by using a plastic watertight junction box from the local Home Improvement Store. The only difficulty in this job is drilling holes in your roof to mount the box but in total this is not even a 2 on the difficulty scale.

Heavy duty storage drawers for Sprinter Vans

In this post I’ll explain who to build some heavy duty drawers for the rear storage area of your Sprinter to maximize storage space. If you have some woodworking experience this should be easy for you but you’ll need to know how to operate a dado blade and table saw (or know someone who does). On the difficulty scale I would rate this project a solid four.

Sprinter T1N Oil Change

Probably the maintenance item you’ll need to do most as a Sprinter owner (besides a car wash) is to change the engine oil. Mercedes recommends oil changes every 10.000 miles. It’s an easy task and if you want to save a bit of money you can do it yourself. If you ever used a wrench this is a simple two on the difficulty scale.

How to reset ASSYST Service reminders

To remind you to bring your Van to the friendly Mercedes dealer and spend some money on having them do the required maintenance or change the oil, the engineers at Mercedes added ASSYST. A fancy name for a countdown clock that counts miles and days and lets you know when you’re due for the next service. This post is about resetting this clock once you’re done the maintenance items yourself. An absolute easy 1 on the difficulty scale.