Connect interior lights to the house battery

An empty starter battery can ruin your day. That’s why you should route your interior lights to the house battery instead. In a T1N Sprinter, this is an easy task – you just have to find the right cable to cut into šŸ™‚ Other than that this is a simple 2 on the difficulty scale and the most tricky part is to route the cable from your house battery to the connection point.

Electrical Outlets

This short post will show you how to install AC and DC outlets in your van to power all the things that you need to run to make your camper life easier and have a clean look inside instead of running extension cords everywhere. Pretty easy job if you take your time. Difficulty Rating: 2

Replacing the A/C Drier in a T1N Sprinter

The Drier performs the same filtering function to your A/C system as the oil filter for your engine. Every time you exchange a major part of your A/C system you should do this easy job to make sure your A/C performs perfectly. In a T1N Sprinter the A/C drier is easily accessible and you should be able to replace the old unit with a new one in less than an hour. On the repair difficulty scale this is a three (1, easy to 10, hard).

A/C Expansion Valve replacement

This document describes how to replace the A/C Expansion Valve in a T1N Sprinter Van. The valve is located in the engine compartment under the windshield on the drivers side (for LHD Vans). The wiper mechanism is a bit in the way but with a wrench extension and an Allen bit this job is done in 30 minutes. On the difficulty scale (1 easy – 10 hard) I would rate this job as a 2.