2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 for $8250 in Austin, TX

This Cargo Sprinter in Austin, TX might be a decent deal but the listing [Craigslist] also raises a few questions. Judging from the pictures the body with the long 158″ wheelbase seems in fairly good shape with no obvious signs of rust. A warning sign is always when the pictures show a license plate from a state other than where the Van is actually listed (This is definitely not a Texas license plate – might be Louisiana though). Also, the seller didn’t add that many details other than the mileage (190k) and the VIN number (WDOPD744565925448).

As you can clearly see the handles for the windows, this Sprinter doesn’t have any optional power options. The seats are in good shape. The seller mentions that the Van needs some TLC but doesn’t go into details.