Where to search for a Sprinter Van

If you’re ready to start looking for a Sprinter Van, these links should help you to find a good selection of Vans to look at:

  • Your local Craigslist – scan on a daily basis. Sometimes the best deals can be found local and it pays off to be the first one to look at the Van.
  • If you want to search through more cities on Craigslist, SearchTempest is the weapon of your choice. They scan all Craigslist sites for you – how many depends on the distance you select when you search.
  • eBay – I’ve bought two cars on eBay and was each times positively surprised how much car I got for the money. Great deals both times.
  • Since you’re already here: Check out the Sprinters for Sale listings – I’m scanning through the websites above on a regular basis; if I find a decent Van, I’ll showcase it here.
  • your local Mercedes dealer, if you’re in the market for a new Sprinter.

Also read through the Sprinter Buying Guide to avoid any costly problems when purchasing a Sprinter.

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