Waterproof solar wire routing – Part two

I was not very happy with my first attempt to route the wires from the solar panels to the inside of the van but I found a very good and also very cheap alternative by using a plastic watertight junction box from the local Home Improvement Store. The only difficulty in this job is drilling holes in your roof to mount the box but in total this is not even a 2 on the difficulty scale.

Connect interior lights to the house battery

An empty starter battery can ruin your day. That’s why you should route your interior lights to the house battery instead. In a T1N Sprinter, this is an easy task – you just have to find the right cable to cut into 🙂 Other than that this is a simple 2 on the difficulty scale and the most tricky part is to route the cable from your house battery to the connection point.

Electrical Outlets

This short post will show you how to install AC and DC outlets in your van to power all the things that you need to run to make your camper life easier and have a clean look inside instead of running extension cords everywhere. Pretty easy job if you take your time. Difficulty Rating: 2