2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 158 in Spring, TX for $10k

Listed today on Craigslist is a low mileage, white 2006 Dodge Sprinter with the 158 inch wheelbase and high top.

2006 Dodge Sprinter 158 in Spring, TX
2006 Dodge Sprinter 158 in Spring, TX

The seller is asking $10,000 – for a low mileage (105000 miles) Sprinter this is a good price. However, the description also mentions some mechanical issues: a Vacuum leak and problems with the A/C. Unfortunately no pictures from the inside but it comes with paneling and an installed bulkhead divider. The Sprinter comes with a roof rack and a ladder – the rack is low profile which makes it a good basis for a potential solar panel install. It also has a tow hitch.

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